Four important tips for protecting your credit card’s CVV today

Did you know that CVV codes are unique to one card and cannot be shared between two? These numbers are generated uniquely and only by authorized providers. CVV or Card verification value is a combination of three or four digits depending on the credit card you are using. This code is special for your online payment and shopping expenses as retailers will need it before accepting payment from your card. Once your CVV or fullz number is exposed, hacker sonly need details like your card number, billing address and expiry date of the card to manipulate it to their ill motives. Here are a few effective strategies of protecting your CVV today.

Be discreet with sensitive information

The easiest way of losing your personal information to hackers is through phishing and use of keyloggers that can be dangerous to your computer. All they are looking for is personal information for instance billing address, your CVV number and even expiry date for your card. Submitting your personal information in untrustworthy websites makes it easy for your details to be phished and used against you. You also have to shop at online retailers whose discretion you can count in to protect you from such unauthorized attacks.

Use VPNs and secure networks

There are instances when you have to make your online payments when shopping though away from home. Rather than using unsafe public Wi-Fi for your browsing why not invest in quality VPN that will mask your personal details as you browse through different shopping websites. You should also make a point to monitor traffic connected to your Wi-Fi to block any unknown devices attempting to use the network. This makes it hard for the traffic coming from your device to be intercepted and manipulated to be used against you.

Monitor your monthly statements

You need to always be ahead when it comes to your credit card safety and that can easily be done when you know what expenses are being billed on your card. Make a point to scrutinize your monthly statements for the month to iron out any suspicious activities as soon as they surface. Any suspicious activities can be fought against by the issuer of the card but only when you alert them on time. Ignorance will see you have to clear huge billed expenses on your card that you cannot explain.

Invest in quality anti-virus, quality passwords and secure websites

Despite finding a good credit card company that can protect you from malicious hackers online, you must have your own protection measures to work with. It starts with shopping only from trustworthy retailers who can keep your personal information discreet. You then have to install quality anti-virus software to protect you from phishing and key logger hacks that are used by hackers today to get personal information. Lastly you must consider setting strong password combinations that you should keep a secret and hard to figure out by the hackers targeting you.