Two years ago, Instagram was merely a platform for the curious but as it kept massing users. Instagram is a home name now for a social media platform with a staggering number of a billion users. But this seems to be the beginning as it is still fanning out digging roots into many other untouched societies.

An average Instagram account holder spends approximately 50 minutes every day working out the platform. Considering the time devoted so religiously to the social media network it is safe to say that it has become a significant part of our lives. The platform is so widespread that it has employed number of sub genres. It offers users innovative methods of promoting and carrying out business endeavours. It is a career option for many.

Some of the most important ways in which Instagram has influenced the society in current times

  1. Diversification of beauty standards: Instagram didn’t always have a smooth ride. During the surge of popularity among youngster there were several cases of it affecting the mental state of many. it was highly criticised for this. Many of these cases were concerned with a newer model of beauty standards but that is only one of seeing this. Instagram has managed to reset beauty rules and made it easier to share it to users who are interested.
  2. Altering the way of travelling: Instagram is a digitalized book of inspiration for avid and amateur travellers alike. The apps help people decide on places they want to travel or to recreate the perfect memory of their last trip. It is so profound that is now a thing called instar-tourism.
  3. the phenomenon: still photographs of different aspect of a person’s life have always been popular.

It is a simple art that is powerful enough to influence others in a positive or negative manner depending on the content of the image.

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