One4Kids TV App

Unlike in years gone by with many developments taking place and the world becoming more materialistic,people’s needs to have increased. Chasing behind these increased needs and having to engage in their employment or businesses have made people rushing to fulfiltheir needs. From then to now the duration of a day has not changed. It is still 24 hours.This means busier lifestyles has to fit into the same period of time. No surprise to hear so many saying, “Running short of time to do this and that.”In the past most mothers were housewives which has now changed. Mostlyboth parents work today to generate more income to keep the family fire burning. In this context parents find less time on their hands to pay attention to their kids. And today’s kids are also caught up in this rush. To quote the famous saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” in today’s context is bound to make Jack gather stress too. Therefore,for the kids to relieve themselves of stress and to strike a right balance between academic activities and relaxation most suitable ways need to be found.Much research done in this area has found TV watching is one most popular channel that kids enjoy to relax. To give more of good news a TV app named One4 Kids TV has come about. Here follows a brief summery on this TV app which will surely thrill the kids to the maximum.

About One4Kids TV app

One4Kids TV is primarily programmed for kids of Muslim faith. All its featured contents are as per the Quran and Sunnah. It’s totally halal TV with online telecastsmaking it a safe TV channel for the kids.On watching the content selected the app has made sure no other video content will pop up. Whilst maintaining exclusivity of the content been watchedno interruption will happen from start to the finish.Songs featured are free of background music.One4 Kids TV app is the only app with this feature.With unlimited streaming viewers can access to current contents and future contents to be featured. Listing some of the popular favourite categories found on One4 Kids TV, Ramadan Layla,Zaky’s Learning Club,The wonderful words of Allah,Nasheed songs,Karaoke,Little explorers.Something very special from this amazing app. A series of guessing games, guess what the animal, transport, fruit, insect is?A wonderful and creative way for the kids to learn. They will enjoy the guessing game and at the same time gain immense knowledge. With One4 Kids TV parents too could relieve themselves of stress worrying about their kid’s relaxation.With safe browsing and the featuresset to meet with religious faith and belief,leave the kids to find what they like to tune into and enjoy.One4 kids TV has made it possible to bring in that much looked forward to right balance.Go for it right awaywith a 14 days free trial offer thanks to this!

Install One4Kids on TV

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