4 Important Things To Consider When Hiring An Indian Wedding DJ

For newlywed couples, entertainment is a major determining factor for their event. The decision to hire an Indian Wedding DJ shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choosing a good Indian Wedding DJ is much more than about finding the cheapest one. If the DJ is willing to do the job for less, you typically won’t get satisfactory performance.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when hiring an Indian Wedding DJ:

Past Works- it is preferable to choose an Indian Wedding DJ who has recorded videos of their past works. You can see how the DJ did the announcements or chose songs based on the mood. It’s a good way to get a feel for their professionalism.

Proper Gear- higher end gear usually ensures the best results. The sound system should be properly sized for the guest count and the size of the venue. If you are inviting 500 guests, the DJ won’t do well if his gear is designed for only 50 guests in a smaller venue. Too little can be an issue and sometimes, a bit too much is good thing, as long as the DJ can scale it down.

Back Up Equipment- equipment can sometimes malfunction and it’s a bad thing if your DJ doesn’t have a backup. Make sure that your DJ has a spare laptop and a couple of extra speakers. So, if something goes wrong, it’s easy to fix. An hour before the first guest arrives, allow the DJ and his staff to check their setup in the venue.

Showmanship- Indian Wedding DJs are performers, entertainers, and MCs. They need to do a few things at once. Make sure that the DJ is interesting and can capture the attention of the audience. The DJ should know how to make people entertained and adapt to the prevailing moods. If it’s a solemn occasion, the DJ should adjust the tone of his voice and play more appropriate songs. But, when it’s getting fun, the Indian Wedding DJ should know how to keep the fire going.

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