5 Ways to Improve Your English With Reading Courses

When it comes to improving your English, one of the most effective ways to do so is to read books in English that are at or above your level of comprehension. It’s not enough to read at an elementary level if you want to be taken seriously in the academic world. You’ll improve faster with well-written material than with poorly written material. Reading courses [คอร์ส reading, which is a term in THAI] can help you get ahead of your peers through reading material above the skill level you can use to continue practising English outside class time. 

Start with something easy.

You’re not just trying to improve your language skills. You’re trying to gain a cultural understanding of your new country. A great way to do that is by reading. A fun way to read is by choosing books in your new language set in areas you’re interested in.

Build a daily habit

You don’t need to make a significant change at once. Small changes over time can significantly affect your ability to speak and write fluently, so why not start small? Commit yourself for 21 days—the equivalent of three weeks—to read one nonfiction book (biographies are good options) each day.

Exercise your brain

Learning new skills is integral to improving your reading in a foreign language. Suppose you want to read fluently and understand spoken material. In that case, you’ll need to work on differentiating between sounds, finding ways around grammar rules that trip you up, and listening for meaning in conversations. 

Keep vocabulary sharp

Many students have difficulty reading in a foreign language because they can’t recognize words when they come across them. When reading in English, keep a dictionary nearby and look up words you aren’t familiar with; keep your vocabulary as sharp as possible.

Practice grammar while you read

The best way to improve your understanding of written English is by reading. There are so many books on topics you’re interested in, from fiction and mystery novels to poetry and travel guides. No matter what you’re into, you can find a book about it!