7 Secrets to Planning a Stress-free Baby Shower

Are you looking at teams who are good enough for catering baby shower? While choosing a caterer is usually the first step, it’s also good to be more hands-on with the event, especially if you are planning it for a sister or a good friend. Here are tips to keep the stress out of the air while you’re preparing for your bestie’s baby shower.

Choose a theme based on the Mom-to-be

It might be the baby’s day when it’s the third birthday but let’s face it, a baby shower is as much about the mother as the bridal shower is about the bride. Start out with her favorites. Is she a big movie fan? Is she a flight attendant? Does she love traveling? Does she love music? The baby shower doesn’t have to be gender-based unless it is also the gender-reveal party rolled-in-one. It can be a bit more personal and a celebration of your bestie’s journey toward motherhood.

Choose a venue

How big is your baby shower? A baby shower can be done in a living room, or it can be bigger like a function room of a hotel or a restaurant. Whatever your choice might be, make sure it can hold the number of guests you are considering to invite.

Come up with a guestlist

The number of guests would depend on two things: your budget if you are hosting it, and the mum-to-be’s current preference. Does she like big parties? Does she prefer a few friends but with all the important people in it? Coming up with a guest list also helps you determine the tone of the games and the party, and even the food you will be serving.

Choose a good date for everyone

If you are inviting only a handful of close friends and relatives, choosing a date should be easier. Try not to schedule the baby shower if the mom-to-be is scheduled for a checkup, or if the dad-to-be has something important at work. Sunday afternoons and Saturday early nights are ideal because this is when people are taking breaks from work. They’re more likely to say yes to the date if it’s not a busy day.

Choose the food

The food at your party is also a must. Depending on what time the party is set, the team you have chosen for catering baby shower can give you an idea about what food items are very popular. They may be even customized to blend well with the decor. Finger foods and pizza are easy favorites. As you will be playing games too, it’s advisable not to keep the food too heavy. Desserts always cheer the mom-to-be up so don’t forget the sweets corner.

Choose games

Games are a must in baby showers. They bring life to the party and bring the crowd together even if not all of them know each other already. You may think of games or quizzes related to the parents-to-be. Your games can also be gender-centered. It really depends on what you think the mom-to-be will like the most.

Talk about the gifts

If you are rounding up a small group of very close friends, it’s good to talk about what gifts you are giving. This way, the mom-to-be has a good chance of getting gifts she and the baby can surely use. Thermometers, mobiles, blankets, hypoallergenic pillows and diapers are very good gifts. So are feeding bottles, baby storybooks, lullaby collections, and baby booties and caps. Try to casually ask each other about the gifts you’re giving so the mom has a pleasant time opening them after the party. Don’t forget the inspiring messages on the cards.

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