Can You Smoke Shrooms for Getting High?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Recently, shrooms are available in different forms and flavors. So, they are popular among both smokers and non-smokers.

However, have you noticed smoking is the most common way of getting high? Here, are the different ways of smoking shrooms.

Experience of smoking shrooms

The experience of every individual with shrooms is unique. So, it’s hard to discuss the experience with smoking shrooms. Consumers who have smoked shrooms described it as a lighter journey. However, the strength of your journey can be affected by various factors like the quantity and type of mushrooms.

Can you smoke shrooms and what happens when I smoke them?

Smoking shrooms is not a big deal. It is an easy, straightforward and time-saving process. What happens when you smoke shrooms is not easy to answer. So, more researches are required to prove this fact.

Try golden teachers if looking for something for the beginner. Moreover, some highly potent varieties are penis envy, blue meanies etc. Remember, to purchase these drugs only from a legit weed dispensary if their consumption is legal in your area. This will save your priceless money and provide a lot of satisfaction.

If taken from an untrusted store, then it can result in numerous physical side effects. For example, increased blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate etc.

Are there any other consumption methods?

Besides smoking, shrooms can make you high in numerous other forms. Either dry or fresh, they are mostly ingested orally. Some consumers mix them with their food whereas, others eat them.

In addition to this, some consumers dip their fungi in chocolates, milkshakes or soups. On the same token, others snort it by grinding dried shrooms into powder. However, according to experts, this alternative is not recommended.

Safety tips

Nevertheless, there is no consumption method that is totally safe. However, by following some valuable safety tips you can save yourself from its harmful side-effects to a great extent. So, here are some tips to be followed by both beginners and experts.

1. Mind your dose

As discussed earlier, the outcomes of the drugs mostly depend on the dosage. Remember to take the drugs in the quantity suggested by your doctor. If taken in heavy doses in the first week itself then be ready to face the side-effects of your shrooms.

2. Have a trip sitter

Never take your dosage when you are alone. Have a minimum of 1 trusted person who can help if required.

3. Timing matters

No matter how you consume shrooms, take them only when you are in a positive mood.

4. Stay hydrated

Shrooms can dry your mouth and increase your body temperature. So, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before, after and during your trip.

5. Never mix

By mixing substances the effects become more unpredictable. So, never mix the drug with other products or drugs.

Bottom line

In this article, we discussed the answer of can you smoke shrooms? Besides it, we have also discussed the experience, effects and safety tips of smoking shrooms.