Cross draw Holsters

The crossdraw holsters are a way of carrying the handguns on the weak side of a shooter’s hand, in the hand which the shooter doesn’t use for shooting. This position is easy for a shooter to take the gun off. These cross-draw holsters are not a new trend. They have been used by Cowboys in the 1800s and early 1900s to carry their revolvers so that it doesn’t get in the way of the work they do on the ranch. They can be worn either on a belt or inside the waistband. This holster is designed for all the 1911 model pistols, and also fits the longer 5 inches 1911 barrels. They are available in different styles, colors, and designs for the best concealment.

Who uses Cross draw Holster?

The cross draw carry is easy to access to the handgun while seated. People driving long distances as truckers and bodyguards, who sit at a desk for a long time use these holsters. It’s also an advantage for disabled persons in wheelchairs. This is a good position option to place a second or backup gun. Many officers or police people are required to carry two handguns, in addition to the primary pistol. The most essential self-protecting weapons are usually positioned in cross-draw carry. Hunters usually bear their single-action revolver in the cross draw, because in this position the revolver won’t hit against the rifle, which hunters usually carry on the shoulders of their shooting hand.

There are also some medical reasons which make the shooters choose to carry their weapon in the cross draw. Solders or higher army officials with injury on the dominant side of the hip are encouraged to carry their munitions on the weak side. This is because their dominant side will not be able to balance the weight of the weapon due to injury.

How to draw from Crossdraw holster

When an emergency arises, clear your cover garment and uncover the holster using your non-dominant hand. To do this, you must go at least one step back. Uncovering the garment should be quickly followed by the grabbing of the weapon. This is because uncovering makes the firearms slightly visible to the enemies. Failing to grab it at the right moment may lead to enemies taking over your weapons. Then march forward with your dominant leg. Take up the gun and engage. Take your chance and fire.

Pros of using a Crossdraw Holster

The main advantage of a cross-draw holster is that you can keep your arms folded, which seems like a free position but the handgun can be accessed from this position, if necessary. Many shooters have recommended this carry as the best one because the cross draw carry is easy to take the gun and also the time taken to take up the handgun and to leave it in position is very less compared to other concealed positions. Hence, cross-draw holsters are known for their reduced draw speed. These holsters are mainly made of long-lasting lightweight material, which makes them easy to carry.