How to Make a Business Trip That Little Less Boring

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When we were young and starting out in the world, the idea of going on business trips sounded exciting. They were the first few times as you got to be a bit more independent, got to travel around a bit in a Doncaster Taxi and had the bragging rights to declare that you off to some fancy destination on a business trip.

The problem is, they start to get boring; very boring. You soon realise that you spend most of your time travelling, seem to live out of a suitcase and generally get very little time to see much of anywhere that you go.

With all of that in mind, we have a few tips to at least make business trips a little less boring.

Book on Airbnb Instead

Once you have seen one hotel, you have pretty much seen them all. It can get extremely boring to go from one hotel room to the next, each offering no character or uniqueness. This is why you should consider booking a room at a Bnb or some other type of property for your stay. Not only will these offer something a little different but will in many cases be cheaper as well.

Always Try New Local Cuisines

One of the only things you are going to have time to do is eat, so why not make that a bit more interesting each time. Instead of sticking to your hotel menu, why not go out and try something new? Before travelling, use the internet to find somewhere local that you can visit and eat a dish that is completely new to you. If you do this on every trip, you will become quite the connoisseur for international cuisine. 

Use Netflix

You are going to spend a lot of time in airports and hotels and this can be among the most boring times when going on business trips. At least you can enjoy Netflix in het buitenland which provides you with some great movies, documentaries and television series to enjoy. Sure, this in itself might get boring after a while but at least it is an option. 

Combine Your Trip into a Vacation

You are obviously not going to be able to do this every time but if you find out you are going somewhere nice, why not book a week off after your business trip and just stay for a little longer. You could even bring your family and let them have a bit of fun for a few days before joining them full-time once your business matters have been dealt with. 


Business trips will always be boring but at least with our advice above, they can become that little bit less. Whether you decide to watch Netflix Buitenland, use AirBnB or use any of the tips above, you will at least make things a bit more interesting on your travels. You should also remember that business trips are still envious for others, so you still have those bragging rights even if there is not too much to brag about.