How to Protect Your Home Country from Canada Investor Immigration

When you think of investors, images of fat cats and fancy cars come to mind, but this is the least of it: Investors are expensive people, if you’re planning on welcoming them into your home country, they need to be welcomed with open arms, the problem is that there are a lot of them and if you’re not up to date on current immigration laws, your invitees will be coming from around the world — some of whom may not have any investment experience whatsoever.

If you’re not familiar with a Canada Investor Immigrationor what type of investor visa they can obtain in your home country, do not invite them over for tea and biscuits, as you would be protecting yourself from an unwanted invasion, not welcoming one in, fortunately, there are ways to restrict their capacity to invest inside your borders without negatively impacting the local economy or preventing future investors from visiting.

What is an investor visa?

An investor visa is the ability of an individual to come into your country and invest their money in your stock or real estate, the term invest is key here; an investor visa allows the investor to purchase a minimum of $500,000 worth of assets in your country, this amount can increase depending on your particular laws and the type of investment being purchased- the investor can hold the assets in their name so long as they are acting as an agent for the investor, once the investment is complete, they can help you set up a financial officer for less than $500,000.

How to Apply for an Investor Visa

To apply for an investor visa, you must first contact the nearest diplomatic mission in your home country, and tell them that you are interested in investing in a certain location and the amount you plan to invest; you may also visit the missions and speak with local real estate experts to get a feel for the country, if you are interested in an investment of more than $500,000, you can also contact the US Embassy or Consulate in your home country or If you want to invest less than $500,000, they can assist you to establish up a finance office.

What to Look Out for When Applying for an Investor Visa

You will want to keep an eye out for any signs of corruption when applying for an investor visa, if you are not a lawyer, it may seem like a simple task to go out and apply for every visa you can think of- but some of them are hard to get and harder to legitimate, so you want to stay on course.

How Long Does an Investor Visa Last?

Depending on the type of investor visa you are applying for, the duration of your visa will vary. all visas last for five years unless you have special permission to extend them and it is important to note that the longer you are in the country, the less time you will have to start a profitable operation.


You are likely aware that investors are a necessary evil in most developing countries, in some cases, they may even be positive but in others, they can be a drain on the economy and a significant distraction from basic things such as healthcare and education, the good news is that you can protect yourself and your family from this by carefully considering the type of investor you are welcoming into your country.