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This Telugu movie is directed by ‘DesinghPeriyasamy’. Actor DulqeerSalmaan is named as Siddharth who played a lead role in the movie. Coming to the plot of the movie, Siddharth and KaliswaranMoorthy are both friends. They live in Chennai city as they don’t have parents. They also seek to enjoy themselves with girls in clubs.

Siddharth falls in love with Meera, a beautician. And his friend KaliswaranMoorthy loves Shreya, a friend of Meera. Shreya is working as a chef.

Cast and Crew

Director- DesinghPeriyasamy

Producer- Anto Joseph

Actor- Dulquer Salmaan

Actress-Ritu Varma

Other characters- Rakshan, Gautham Menon, Gajaraj

Music director-Harshavardhan, Rameshwar

Release date- 28th February 2020

Here are the best reasons to watch KanuluKanuluDochayante Telugu cinema online at Aha movies.

Top Reasons to Watch KanuluKanuluDochayante Telugu movie

1. The movie represents how present generation people are preparing to live.

2. How many young generation people are making scams to live can be observed in the Telugu cinema.

3. You can find how technology can be used to hack the devices in this film.

4. How some girls act smartly according to the situations and places.

5. How people are giving importance to money in their lives.

KanuluKanuluDochayante Telugu Cinema – A Must Watch

KanuluKanuluDochayante one of the best telugu movies in recent days and making the viewers stick to watch the entire movie without interruption. Browse Aha movies to watch it in HD quality. You can experience the suspense thrilling for every scene. DulquarSalmaan performed entirely with his unseen action.

Rakshan friend of DulquarSalmaan in the movie, appeared with his timely comedy.

Rakshan and DulquarSalmaan played well their roles as friends in Chennai. Rituvarma and Niranjani did their role very well as the lead roles. Popular director, GauthamVasudev Menon acted as a cop in this movie. He entertains the audiences with his mass performance and dialogues. The climax of the story makes the audience sit and watch. It is the asset to this movie.


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The story, suspense thrilling, DesinghPeriyasamy, direction, and the leadartists performance are making to watch this Telugu cinema.

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