Privacy Browser App

Time that users of smartphones and other such personal devices pay some attention to an area which is not so much in focus. However, this area is of great importance. BROWSING IT IS. Now let’s do a summarised review on it.Internet browsing is done for the following purposes such as, to access Media, search popular internet browsers, ViewFiles on the user’s device,to communicate via internet.

Browsing done by an individual is known as Private Browsing. Since Private Browsing is personal it is also confidential.It is understandable that Browsing should be able to be done in a manner to protect and maintain privacy.One’s Browsing history, cookies and search history are the main functions that needs theprivacy cover.To do this in no uncertain terms is the Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser.Been made to be the ultimate privacy browser. Mentioned below is a summary of the App with its features.

Features of Privacy Browser App

BROWSE WITHOUT TRACE – will automatically delete sensitive passwords usedonline, cookies and history from the device. However, with notice to the user.

TRACKING PROTECTION – will block any hidden trackers on a website which will collect browsing info even after the user cease accessing these sites. This willmake sure that the Browsing Speeds in the device will not reduce.Plus, the App using less RAM will keep the speed at its top limit.

MULTIPLE TABS– with the App’s multi-process browser will make all the tabs are fresh. This means loading will not take all the time in the world. This will make switching between tabs unbelievably quick.So,the users don’t have tolag behind.

GAMEPLAY–with the App’s Level-up Browser Gameplay will make 3D games to function at optimal speeds. Will make Gameplay a pleasure with the right Browsing formulas.

OPEN FOCUS –and get a real nice user-friendlyBar and Keyboard for quick searching. Users will never get fed up as they will not be obstructed by,Sites accessed before,History,Ad Trackers or Open Tabs. Just get on with the current browsing.

DELETING–any deleting not permitted or responded by the user when the App’s auto deleting featurerequest will be manually possible with the Deleting feature.Passwords, Cookies and History can be deleted with just a tap.

SHORT CUTS –take the frustration away. 4 pin-ups of priority access can be pinned to the device home screen. Now quickly access and browse without any wastage of time at all.

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Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser Privacy Browserwill give due protection to your device in all of the internet web activity. Get going with this PRIVACY APP which will bring in More Protection and Less Worry tothe users. Browse as you like to keep in touch with the rest of the world happenings with thisinternationally popular brandedBrowser App that has made its presence felt all over the world.

Download Privacy Browser App

First download and install last updated version of AC Market app store. You can do google search to find download links for AC Market apk. Then install it. Go to search and type “privacy browser”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select it and install. Simplest and easiest way to install any Android apk file. You can enjoy Android apps and games on Windows too. Install AC Market Windows 11 app. Using AC Market PC app, you can install Android apps and games for free on your Windows 11.