Space Saving Wardrobe Designs For Small Rooms

Are you confused about picking the right wardrobes for your rooms that are tiny and limited in size? The struggle is real for most of us when we start rearranging the wardrobe. A small room’s primary requirement is to stash the items from sight, which one can do effortlessly with space-saving Wakefit wardrobe designs. Think smart and use creativity to equip the place with fantastic storage ideas, which helps to declutter the space. Some space spacing modern-day solutions to pick the right wardrobe for a small room are discussed below:

Wardrobe Features

Upgrading certain features of a cupboard will enhance the look and also help in saving a lot of room space. Some of them are:

Install Tall Wardrobes In Corners

The corner is a bane to a small room as you can arrange the wardrobe there. In such scenarios, a built-in wardrobe is the best choice to use every inch of the small space. A tall cabinet is another effective option for a small corner as the corner is not wasted, and you can increase storage capacity.


Mirrors create a perception and illusion as if the room is more prominent than its original size. Reflection is the reason this trick works excellent for all spaces. The wardrobe panels can be fitted with mirrors to create the effect and make the trick happen. By doing this, the area where a dressing mirror is to be installed is reduced, saving the space effectively. Purchase a mirrored wardrobe online and experience the magic it creates in your room.

Expand Headboard

In most of the rooms, the storage cabinets or the cupboards are installed on the wall. But for a small room, the two sides of the bed’s headboard can be converted into wardrobes or storage units to accommodate more things. Side tables are also an option when there are not much bigger things, but with kids, segregated wardrobes are an ideal option to store toys and books in them. A bedroom wardrobe can be expanded further and converted into extra cabinets to store kinds of stuff depending on the requirement of the individual.

Utilise Extra Space

Utilising the space near the doorway and the area above the cupboards are an alternative method to save space. Install lofts on top of the cupboards to hold the less frequently used items in them. Floor to ceiling cabinets is the best type of wardrobe idea for any small room.

Open Wardrobe

A wardrobe that is open to holding accessories and clothes can be organised instead of bulky cabinets to limit the space. These reduce the area required by the wooden panel and frames to form a cupboard when the room is petite in size. Or else a wooden wardrobe can be left open by not fixing a door as doors generally take up extra space for opening. Instead of doors, a curtain will help to save that extra space, and a neutral-coloured curtain like beige or light grey will create an illusion of a bigger space.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have a significant impact on a small room and are an excellent choice of a cupboard for a bedroom. They tend to save more floor area as they do not swing open, unlike hinged doors. Sliding doors are the most trending kind of door in recent times.

Partition Wardrobe

Using a wardrobe to separate spaces or rooms is the best solution for a place with minimum space. It is a wise option and also makes the site modern and innovative with an open plan. This double-duty feature is the most compelling and bold move to create a better and bigger space.

Attempt Lighter Shades

Lighter hues are another possible way to make the space appear prominent. They do not overpower the other decors at any time but help manage the light better. This can be wardrobes or curtains or even the walls to add a spacious look to the room.

Additional Space Saving Ideas

Besides all the features added to a wardrobe to enhance the space, there are few other feasible ideas like:

  • A two-door wardrobe is the most subtle and safe player as it requires only very little space compared to the typical cupboards available in the commercial market. It is ideal when the user does not have lots of stuff to store. This simple wardrobe is the traditional pattern available in most homes and the best space-saver of all times.
  • The multifunctional wardrobe with an attached table, loft storage, and a sliding door is an excellent storage idea. The overall cabinet in this pattern fulfils three different functions and enhances free space efficiently.

Space-saving wardrobes and the various tips and tricks that make them functional and appear clutter-free are ideal ways to redefine any small room. The spatial arrangements are a skill to organise the area, and you can do it with the assistance of experts to make it happen in the proper perfect manner. Try investing in the choices mentioned earlier that work best for you regarding your needs, wants, and requirements and create your haven right away. Prioritise and work on it.

Whether you’re looking to maximize storage or create a visually appealing and clutter-free space, a professional bedroom interior designer can help you achieve your goals. Here is a gallery of bedroom design inspiration done by AC Vision for your consideration.