Strengths and weaknesses of using Pots, containers and garden ornaments in designing a creative landscape

There a number of items that can be used to creatively design a landscape and these include but are not limited to pots, containers and garden ornaments. Each of these items brings a unique look and feel when incorporated in the landscape design. A lot of time and effort is put in designing a landscape before the actual execution of the plan and the materials to be used just happens to be part of the considerations that take place in the planning stage. Each material settled upon has its strengths and weaknesses, and understanding this before commencing the project will help a great deal. 


To begin with, ornaments, pots and containers are portable. Since landscaping is usually a never-ending affair, moving about some aspects of the landscape becomes easier when containers are used. Containers, pots and ornaments offer this flexibility since they can easily be relocated from time to time as one will deem fit. 

Containers bring a creative look and feel to your garden. While this is not a conventional landscaping idea, I helps your garden have a creative aesthetic look and feel. While it definitely demands a lot of creativity for it to be done right, when executed properly, it leaves your landscape with a creative look. The traditional way of landscape design was to plant flowers and trees in the spaces, but using pots, containers and ornaments helps take creativity a notch higher by bringing an overall ‘exotic’ creative look.

Saves the planet. Instead of throwing away broken pieces of pots, containers and ornaments, these items can be creatively incorporated in landscape design. Non bio degradable containers and ornaments can find their way in to a landscape design hence helping conserve the environment.


While the use of containers ornaments, pots and containers has its own strengths, there are number of shortcomings that come along. 

They demand a lot of attention. Plants grown in pots and containers quickly use up the water and nutrients in the soil provided in the container. As a result, one will have to frequently water them. Sometimes, fresh soil will have to be dug up in order replace the one in the pot or container. 

The containers may not hold the plants forever. There comes a time when some plants outgrow the pot or container. These plants may break or damage the pots or containers. As a result, on will either have to remove the plant or find a bigger pot or container. This may be tedious with fast growing plans. Furthermore, plants that have outgrown their containers may look ugly hence losing the aesthetic look and feel that they initially gave the garden. In some cases, one may have to start over with the landscape design once this happens.

Last words

In light of some of the shortcomings highlighted above, there are a number of things that one needs to consider while contemplating the use of containers, pots and ornaments in their landscape design. To begin with, one needs to consider the speed of growth of the plants selected. In addition, the size of the containers with respect to the plants will also have to be decided beforehand.

You should also consider using animal garden ornaments.