Top 8 Causes Of Residential Water Damage And How To Prevent Them

Prevention is better than cure — this is probably one of the greatest proverbs to ever exist as it applies to different aspects of life. And this includes preventing your home from incurring water damage, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Not only will it make your residential place a safe space to live in, but it will also save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

In this article, we’re tackling eight causes of residential water damage as well as ways on how to prevent them.

Natural disasters. When you live in an area frequently hit by hurricanes, it’s important to make your home as resilient as possible. Natural disasters like typhoons and snowstorms can bring water into your home and if your place is not regularly inspected for possible water damage-susceptible issues, it will take a huge blow once a strong hurricane lands in your area.

Broken pipes. One of the common reasons behind water damage, Cudahy, Wisconsin is a broken plumbing system. And this is especially true for older homes. Whether it’s because of natural wear and tear or premature corrosion, pipes can develop cracks and holes over time. Beware of early signs of pipe damages like leaks and stains, and have them addressed immediately.

Clogged drains. A lot of things go down into your drains — from grease to dirt to hair. Once they get clogged, it will be hard for water to properly flow from your house into the sewer line. As a result, water can overflow or back up into other parts of your home. Regular professional cleaning and inspection is a must to avoid these situations.

Sewage backups. Speaking of sewer systems, not all are equipped to handle huge volumes of water (which can be brought by heavy rains or excessive wastewater from households). This is another reason why water can back up into your home — through toilets, drains, and sinks. As this is not something under your control, what you can do is to seek immediate help from a water damage restoration specialist.

Unclean gutters. Your gutter system plays a huge role in ensuring that rainwater properly flows out of your roof and into the ground. If they get damaged or clogged, water can leak down the side of your house and cause your walls to weaken.

Structural damage. In relation to the bullet above, water damage can also be attributed to structural damage. Once your home’s structural integrity becomes compromised, your home will not be able to handle water that can come from hurricanes, floods, and damaged sewers. This kind of water damage can further lead to worse conditions like mold growth and rotting.

Damaged HVAC system. HVAC systems help keep homes warm (and cool) whenever needed. But if they are not inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, they can be the very cause of flooding right inside your residential place. Apart from periodic maintenance, you should also make sure that your unit is shut off before a hurricane hits your area to prevent damage.

Appliance leaks. Home appliances like washing machines and refrigerators can get leaky over time (with their pipes also subject to rusting). These inefficiencies can lead to water damage, Cudahy, Wisconsin when not addressed or replaced the soonest time possible.

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