Why Do Women Ghost You (And What To Do About It)

Why do women ghost you? Are you the kind of guy that often loses out? Do you consider yourself to be a nice guy who just can’t get ahead? Read on to find out why women ghost you – and what you can do to stop it happening again in future.

The Reasons Women Ghost Men

There are a number of reasons why women ghost men. Here are the top ones so you can it avoid in future. Don’t forget, sometimes, a woman ghosts you because she is a narcissist. In these instances, you are better off without her.

They Met Someone Else

If you meet someone through a dating site, you hit it off and chat for a few days. After two weeks of talking she suddenly dries up. Conversation halts completely and she stops reaching out. Why? The chances are you weren’t the only one she was talking to.

90% of the time, a woman will ghost you because she has met someone else. There’s no blaming anyone, no fault of your own, she just fell for someone else. Don’t take it personally. She probably wasn’t right for you anyway.

The ‘Ick’

The ‘ick’ is the new name the kids are giving to turn offs. If you do something she really doesn’t like, then there is a chance a woman will ghost you. Perhaps she is a vegan and you hunt rabbit on the weekends? Perhaps her ex had the same hair/eye colour. Perhaps you remind her of her brother… Whatever it is, once it strikes, there’s no getting over it.

If you have given her the ick, there is no getting past it. Accept that she has ghosted you because you turned her off and move on to the next one. There is a woman out there who will be turned on by every move you make, so don’t settle for an ick girl. You deserve better.

How to Stop a Woman Ghosting You?

There are a myriad of ways you should not react if a woman ghosts you. Do not try threats, do not try shaming her, don’t show up at her house. Instead, send her a message saying you understand she wants some space but that you are still interested in being friends with her. Many men think the Friendzone is a bad place to be, but actually it is a way you can get to know each other better over time. Not now doesn’t have to mean “not ever”. 

What to do if they still ghost you?

Remember, you can always try using an escort service such as Paddington escorts, instead, if you don’t have any luck. We have every confidence you won’t get ghosted again now that you know what to do about it, though!