Best 20s Movies That Stills Kicks Your Mood High Today

If you are looking for some of the best movies from your 20s that can kick your mood high today, you need to download AHA, the best romantic movies. It is the best OTT platform for Telugu films where you will find different kinds of movies that can help you get your mood better, and here are some top recommendations:


This 2021 Telugu slice of life film was directed by Anish Krishna and written by Anil Ravipudi and Mirchi Kiran. The film has been produced by S. Krishna, Harish Peddi, and SahuGarapati. The film featured stars like Rajendra Prasad as GaaliSampath, Sree Vishnu as Suri, Lovely Singh as Papa, Suri’s love interest, Tanikella Bharani as Station Master, Satya as GaaliSampath’s translator, and many more. 

The film’s plot revolves around Sampath, the radio jockey; however, he loses both his voice and his wife to an accident on a sad rainy day. He becomes a single father and rears up his son, who becomes a truck driver with respiratory problems. Suri is in love with the village headman’s daughter and takes up a loan to marry her. Sampath, not knowing about this, goes on to win a competition to get rid of his son’s debt, and in exchange, he is asked to cause unrest so that the village headman’s daughter’s marriage gets canceled.

He does so, not knowing it was his son’s wedding, and Suri feels betrayed by his father. He leaves the house while cursing his father on a rainy day, and Sampath becomes so upset that he falls down a well. However, when Suri learns about his father’s sacrifices from his father’s friend, he comes back in search of his father and cannot find Sampath. You should watch this film on theromantic movies app to see how Sampath can get out of the well, how Suri understands his father’s sacrifices all along the way, and how Sampath has a new take on life. 


This Telugu comedy film of 20 21 is the first chapter of the KambalapallyKathalu series that was written and directed by UdayGurrala. Priyanka Dutt has produced the film. This film features stars like Priyadarshi as Hybath, HarshithMalgireddy as Ravi, Mani Aegurla as Subbu, GouriPriya Reddy as Roja, RavinderBommakanti as Shivanna, and many more. The plot of the film centers on Ravi, an innocent student who is deeply fascinated by computers. However, due to lack of resources in the village, he cannot learn how to operate a computer. But he gets the opportunity when Hybath opens up the first internet cafe in the village and teaches Ravi how to operate the computers. Hybath also opens up an email account for Ravi, which puts Ravi under a trap. Ravi receives a suspicious email which commences the story. Watch the same to see how Ravi can get out of the trap.

These two films of the 20s are sure to uplift your mood. So download the Indian movies online today!