Boosting Kids Learning Through Games

Learning is an important part of our existence. It nourishes our minds like food and water nourishes our bodies. It helps us learn to read, write, communicate and acquire new skills that help us academically and professionally. Learning also boosts our logical reasoning, strategic thinking and critical thinking skills. It helps us relate to the world and people around us by learning and processing information.

The Importance Of Playing Games

But learning alone is not enough, the mind and body need a break now and again. The best way to relax our minds and bodies is to play games. Games are not only fun and recreational activities, they help us learn too. Along with relaxation, games can be wonderful instructional tools that make learning fun and engaging for kids. For example, games like would you rather questions for kids, tongue twisters and Simon says are fun vocabulary-building exercises. 

Here are some benefits of including games and activities in your kids learning:

  1. Games and hands-on activities help kids understand what they learn in the classroom. 
  2. It helps them learn a concept from a new perspective by experimenting with different options and variables.
  3. Kids tend to stay engaged in the learning process when there’s a game or activity involved. 
  4. It improves their focus and they try harder with games than with a worksheet.
  5. Games and activities provide them with a break from learning and help kids relax.
  6. They help children develop fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.
  7. They help kids develop several different connections with the content they’re learning. This helps form positive memories of learning, which helps them retain the information they’ve learnt.
  8. Games and activities teach children that it’s ok to make mistakes or fail. It also teaches them to not be afraid of trying again or trying new things.
  9. Games and activities stimulate a child’s working memory and sparks their creativity and imagination.

Hands-On Activities And Games For Kids

Little kids are bundles of boundless energy. So they tend to get bored and distracted easily and might not sit through an hour to learn a particular concept. Moreover, bored kids with too much energy stuck indoors is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. The best way to keep them engaged in the learning process is to keep them busy with hands-on learning activities and games. 

These games get them moving and provide an outlet for that pent up energy. Additionally, games are fun so children tend to stay engaged in the learning process. They also try harder and persist until they find answers in a game rather than on paper. Here is a list of activities for kids at home to help them have fun while learning.

  1. Cooking and baking: Who doesn’t love cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies? Cooking and baking are great activities to keep your kids entertained and busy for a few hours. Additionally, it’ll equip them with basic skills that will help them throughout their lives. Not only are these activities fun, but they also are a great opportunity to help children learn new words, measurement etc. 
  2. Math games: The very mention of math can induce fear in most children. But learning math doesn’t have to be intimidating, math games are wonderful tools that make learning math fun and exciting. Shape treasure hunts, rainbow discovery bottles and sorting are great math games to play with children to help them learn math. 
  3. Drawing games: Kids love activities that involve drawing and coloring. Bring out the artist in your little one using drawing and coloring games to keep them busy. For older children, you can try playing a game of Pictionary, which boosts their vocabulary skills too.

Games and hands-on activities for kids at home are great motivators for children to learn. Including them in their education helps children pay more attention to their education. It also helps create a stress-free and exciting positive learning environment for kids. Kids are fast learners, so you’ll need to get creative with games and activities to keep them entertained. So give your kids a brain break and let them enjoy some fun games.