How the French Bulldogs really Are

Teaching a Frenchie bulldog to stay alone requires practice, from both the dog and the owner. Of course you want to spend as much time as possible with your beloved four-legged friend, but it will also happen that he has to stay home alone for some time.

To prevent your entire household from dying or the neighbors going crazy from barking and howling your dog, it is important that you teach your dog to stay home alone. It is important to teach your dog this from an early age. Dogs are social animals and it is only natural that they do not like to be alone. They will quickly feel lonely, so they can easily disrupt the whole neighborhood with persistent barking or howling.

Another problem is that they are easily bored. A bored dog will look for ways to keep busy and often this means biting furniture or scratching doors. Now one dog can stay alone a little better than the other, but a French bulldog does not like to be at home alone. It is a very affectionate and social dog that more than appreciates the presence of its owner. That is why it is also very important from an early age to train your French bulldog in staying home alone. How do you best handle this?

Build up gradually

You achieve the best result if you gradually build up learning to stay on your own. The French Bulldog must learn that if you leave you will come back again. A great way to teach this is to let your dog in the room, give a certain command such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ and then leave the room for a short time. If your French bulldog has behaved well, then reward him. Practice this several times a day, gradually increasing the time you are out of sight of the dog.

Crate training

Cricket training can also help teach your dog to stay home alone. Teach your puppy to get used to the crate, let him feel that this is his own place where he can feel safe. If you put your French bulldog puppy in its crate, reward it if it stays still and sensible. If he starts to whine or scratch the crate, ignore him. This way he will realize that silent behavior is rewarded and that wrong behavior is not paid attention.

Over time you will notice that your Frenchie dog starts to like his own place and that he finds peace. In addition, he will realize through the many exercises that you always come back and his fear of separation will decrease. Gradually build up this way of staying home alone. Teaching a French bulldog to stay alone will leave you feeling confident.