The Finer Options with the Best Combined garden Room

Owning a combination garden room, many of us dream of it or think about it very strongly, especially when the summer is approaching and the offers abound in DIY stores. Very practical, combination garden rooms are a way to offer you additional space to store, store or benefit from a living room outside the house. It is a very well-known way of landscaping your garden, but you still have to ask yourself the right questions rather than jump on the first opportunity. You can go for the check this site there.

What the law says

First of all, it is necessary above all to know if the construction of a combination garden room is possible. In the eyes of French law, combination garden rooms are fully-fledged constructions and only shelters of less than 5 m2 can be erected without administrative procedures. Combination garden rooms of more than 5 m2 and less than 20 m2 require prior declaration of work and for larger models, you will need to have a building permit.

In addition to national law, certain subdivisions or co-ownerships can purely and simply prohibit combination garden rooms and cabins. So, educate yourself before you get started.

Finally, be aware that you can install a combination garden room at the dividing line between your property, in a space between a few centimeters and 3 meters from the border with your neighbor on the express condition that a complete rainwater evacuation system be planned. If this is not the case and a sale may occur, your driver’s license application may be refused unless it is more than 3 meters from the boundary of your neighbor’s property.

Think carefully about your combination garden room project

Like any project, the installation of a combination garden room requires reflection.

  • Two essential tracks for this, the desired utility and the necessary size.
  • The first strongly influencing the second.

Conventionally, the combination garden room is mainly used to store gardening or DIY materials, it can also lighten your basement or garage by accommodating your garden chairs, your barbecue and parasol. If this is its only use, a few square meters will do the trick. Same thing if you use it as a cellar.

On the other hand, if your combination garden room is intended to become a workshop, a minimum of 6 to 8 m2 will be necessary or even a little more to be very comfortable. Similarly, a combination garden room of at least 15-20 m2 can be transformed into a children’s playroom or an additional bedroom for visitors. For these structures, it will also be necessary to choose models with windows and shutters so as to bring the light inside and to ventilate if necessary. It can also be considered to connect it to electricity for convenience.

What material for his shelter?

Very widely used for combination garden rooms, wood is the material that offers the most aesthetics with its natural and warm side. It fits perfectly into the world of your garden, with this holding charm, for one part of the cabin and the other of the chalet. Preferably prefer relatively thick wooden walls, they will be both resistant and a little more insulating.