3D rendering image of 10 hanging lamps which use different bulbs. Color temperature scale. spectrum color on the cracked concrete wall and wooden floor

Lighting Temperature Strategies for Your Home and Office

Lighting has a very important role to play in many places. Without proper lighting, you cannot apply a makeover, get dressed or even try a new outfit in the trial rooms. Lighting does not just mean lighting as you will be creating a color temperature in any room where the lighting fixtures are included.

Cool Lights

Cool lights are the lighting types that come under the list of lighting temperatures with more than 4000K. You will find multiple options in the world of cool lights such as bright white, bluish, green and so on. Fluorescent lighting that resembles daylight is needed in almost all places that you use regularly and cool lights are the ideal types of lighting in these places.

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Featuring the Cool Lights in Your Home

Cool lights are the most commonly used option for some of the spaces in the house such as sunrooms, bathrooms, garages, and so on. Normally, people prefer combining yellow toned lighting systems with the cool lights so as to create a beautiful background lighting in any room.

Right Temperature in Home

Kitchens: Cool lights fit perfectly here as there will be frequent traffic in this place.

Dining Room: This room is the place where constant conversations happen, every time someone is in the room, and also is the place where people get together and spend some family time. Cool Lights are the ideal type of lighting in this place.

Living Room: This is the place of relaxation while watching TV or even while reading something or falling asleep on the couch. Hence, Warm Lights are ideal for this room.

Bathroom: This is the room where body cleansing happens and also is the place where people prefer getting ready to their office. Hence, the room should offer the right temperature and Cool White light is the ideal choice here.

Office: The words ‘office’ or ‘study’ brings out an image of focus, attention, discussions of serious matters. Hence, the area should look lively and Cool white lights are ideal here.

Hallways and Bedrooms: These are the places that do not experience heavy traffic during the daytime. The right way of lighting these places is with the Warm lighting system.

Right Temperature in the Office

General Office: The best way to keep the employees attentive and focused is with the help of Cool white color lights.

Break Rooms: The place of relaxation in the office area should be welcoming and Warm and Neutral Light tones are ideal here.

Conference Rooms: these are the spaces where serious discussions such as merging, meetings, collaborations, etc., happen, and hence the place should be Warm and Neutral.

Lobby: Lobby is like the face of the company and there will be constant traffic of many people in the area. Hence, Cool and Warm lighting are ideal here.

You can decide the right lighting temperature to your home and office. All you have to do is know more about lighting and you are good to go.